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1. 时髦小巧的导航设计
1. Smart and compact navigation design
Large scale navigation design was popular before, and then Hamburg icon became popular again. Maybe the hidden design of the hamburger menu is not obvious enough, and the traditional navigation design is gradually returning, but in style, it is fashionable and compact. This kind of navigation is more exquisite in details and experience. What's more, the small layout and information control make it clear at a glance. If you want more navigation information, you need to click the "more" button.
The advantage of this navigation design is that it leaves enough space and focus for the following main contents, and ensures the functionality of the navigation itself.
And the defect is also obvious, because the navigation design is too small, may make some users confused. At present, this kind of navigation is suitable for single page websites or relatively less visited and personalized webpages. Websites with complex structure are not suitable for this design trend.
The following three websites use this design trend in varying degrees:
Add a black vertical bar on the right side of the page, with a small pause button and small dynamic to attract you to switch pages. Small navigation is placed at the bottom of the page.
这个网站采取了一个相对折中的方案,采用了侧边栏导航,而其中包含了 LOGO、汉堡图标和搜索按钮,这样保证了菜单的显著,也保持了整个设计的简约性。当你点开汉堡图标的时候,会发现这里面真的隐藏着大量的链接,甚至包含了文章推荐。
This website adopts a relative compromise scheme, which adopts sidebar navigation, and includes logo, hamburger icon and search button, so as to ensure the prominent menu and keep the simplicity of the whole design. When you click the hamburger icon, you will find that there are a lot of links hidden in it, even including the article recommendation.
The navigation bar is also placed in the sidebar, but on the left side. All the links are on the surface, but the name and style are very compact.
2. 有趣的图层剪切效果
2. Interesting layer clipping effect
Learn to create a visually attractive design through layer control, which will make you more powerful in design. By controlling the interaction of elements in different layers, you can create fascinating visual effects.
Fortunately, the various design effects that used to make people scratching their heads are now a piece of cake for the front end of the web page. More and more mature front-end technology makes layer control and management more handy. Recently, the most popular layer related technology is the effect of layer clipping, which refers to the removal of some elements to make room for the elements in the foreground.
This kind of layer clipping effect is suitable for almost any type of website and design. The clipped part can be of any size and position. The key to use this effect is to control the coordination between elements. The foreground elements should be perfectly matched with the background elements.
The cut part should be closely related to the information transmission of the whole design and consistent with the design goal. For example, it should be able to assist navigation, guide vision, help users get information, promote functions, and help users understand information.
3. 快速剪辑的视频
3. Fast clip video
Designers have been using video to present design and tell stories. However, in the presentation of video content, there are many changes. At present, the most popular method is to use fast editing or accelerated video to quickly present rich content. There is no doubt that this way not only fits the current situation of users' short concentration time, but also keeps users' participation better.
The advantage of fast-paced video clip is faster information display. Users can quickly understand the content of the video when browsing, and the whole video cycle speed is faster, which can also better promote the interaction between users and the website.
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